First Moot – Autumn Equinox

9th September 2009

Our first ever moot! We had a good few people and new friends were made, gathered around tea…


We talked about Autumn Equinox – the fruit harvest (the second of three harvest sabbats) – the fruits of our labours and imaginations and what has come of the summer. A time for:

  • Preserving, hoarding, safety – celebrating abundance but not squandering (being the industrious mouse, not the lazy mouse from the fable!
  • Celebrating the arrival of winter as a positive turn in the season, a time for rest and a time to turn in – introspection and growth from within.

It is also a solar festival – the equinox of the waning sun. If thinking of the male divine aspect in his duality as wise ruler vs. wild fertility god, this is the descending of the first aspect, the Apollonian aspect waning.

Also in discussion was risk – the risks of summer (heat and dryness) turning to the risks of winter (cold, rain, snow). In the Mediterranean liminal periods such as the peak heat and stillness of noon being known as the ‘hour of Pan’, where the trickster spirit can disrupt the calm. We made the associations between Pan and places and times where risk was present – in our corner of Europe his places of risk are the dark and dense woodland, wild and camouflaged in the wet and leafy Autumn.

We also talked about moving with the wheel of the year and staying in contact with it – experiencing the changing seasons directly as important to accepting the rhythms of the seasons and one’s own life, attuning to them rather than expending energy resisting them.

Also came our first foray into discussions of personal magic. How do we reconcile the many different bits of advice thrown at us from various directions from various books, authors and traditions? How reliable are sets of ‘rules’ that one person has chosen to write down and present to us? We talked about intent and how important it was to getting the results we wanted.

A pearl of wisdom from our own Francesco: Magic is like a dance or a poem – when learning to compose it, to perform it – structure, direction, using someone else’s ‘choreography’ as a template, is often helpful. If confidence or originality has trouble shining through at first, learning someone else’s song can teach us – all the better become our own skills to improvise 😉

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